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10 Facts and Ideas about Cooking Gourmet Goodies with Marijuana


Colorado is the place to be if you are a pot enthusiast. Here, you can enjoy weed recreationally. Smoke it, eat it, drink it or let your body have it through transdermal patches. Of course, you cannot do all this publicly. The state is still some way away, if it ever happens, from restaurants and bars where you can inhale thick clouds of weed.

Colorado is also the place where you’ll find enough ideas and inspirations to cook with weed. People here have been doing it for a long time. Colorado is a melting pot for all the weed-inspired cuisine of the world. Here you can exchange ideas with college students experimenting with cheap weed and butter combinations and sous chefs who have to their credits fanciful sweets and savories made using cannabis. Boulder is as great a place as any in the world, save perhaps Amsterdam, to enjoy weed. The old Boulder, the Mecca for backpackers and hippies may be gone, but the city still has those special weed-infused vibes that make it such a lovely place.

Today, there are many strains available and promise a range of experiences that scale the gamut of psychoactive highs and lows. There is a lot you can cook with cannabis. Cooking offers many advantages over smoking and vaping weed. Cannabis in edibles is easier to consume. You can have it in a public place too. You cannot smoke weed in a public place. THC comes into play only after being subjected to temperatures above 200 degree F. Cooking appears to be the most natural way of consuming cannabis.

Cannabis, derived from the Greek word for hemp, has been popular with us humans for more than millennia. Many cultures have religious rituals that involve cannabis consumption. Experiences after consuming weed include a gentle, mellow mood or a feeling of exhilaration. You feel happy. An excess of anything is bad, and weed is no exception. Do not overdo it, especially if you are feeling low. Cannabis is a mood enhancer and if you are already depressed it might take you further down the tunnel. People report hallucinations and a feeling of self-deprecation upon overdosing on weed.

When in Boulder and in the mood to learn about weed, there’s no better place than The Farm, a very well-stocked shop and with two huge public rooms within. Here you can catch up on the latest in the field of cannabis cultivation, exchange recipes, and wait until you gain admission to the “flower room”. This is where weed lovers feel like kids in a candy shop. Buds, oils, tinctures, and extracts vie for your loving gaze as they sit on counters. There is a lot you can buy and much you can do with the stuff you purchase. Liquid hash oil, vanilla infused oils, pain relief ointments, weed joints and cigarettes, edibles in the form of cookies, brownies, candies, and so much more.

It is a good idea to check the labels on edibles to learn about the amount of THC contained. Five or ten mg of THC is considered mild and ideal for starters. If the label on your product is not explicit about the amount of THC, then it is better to not buy it. There is no dearth of options when it comes to buying weed-related products. Buy stuff that you can enjoy. Why risk a bad experience?
While you can cook with kief, hash, dried leaves, infusions, etc, the real connoisseurs choose to create marijuana-based delicacies with buds. Buds are the most costly items on sale and an ounce can set you back by $300 or more. Selecting a bud can be a beautiful and interesting experience. There are so many strains. Each has its sworn votaries, and so many of them carry evocative names. You will be hard-pressed to choose between Sunset Haze, Blue Dream, Buddha’s Sister, and Blackberry Kush. If you know what you seek, then that is great.

You can select from strains belonging to two species – Cannabis Sativa or Indica.
When cooking with cannabis, the most common technique followed is to simply add weed in one of its myriad forms to whatever is being cooked – noodles, pasta, cookies, bread, or even ice cream. Another type of cooking done with cannabis is the ubiquitous healthy cooking. There are many takers for it. It is not a fad. The health benefits of cannabis are well documented. There is yet another view on cooking with marijuana – weed is a herb, not unlike thyme and the different strains lend themselves to creative use. Weed can and should be used as a sprinkling to enhance the flavors of a dish.

Speaking of flavors, if you seek a totally out-of-this-world experience in marijuana-flavored deliciousness, then try thandai. The drink, originally from India, is made from a recipe that goes back thousands of years. Sages and seers would consume some thandai and then sit down to meditate on the mysteries of the universe. If one reads Hindu scriptures, then it may be said that these sages of yore did a great job of decoding the Self. Making thandai is easy. Prepare a tea by boiling finely chopped buds in water. Whip milk, tea, sugar, and chopped almonds in a food processor. Add powdered black pepper, fresh ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom to the mix and whip again. Strain and serve.