Tater Tots

If you make them a little too strong do us a solid and call them Fader Tots so everyone knows what to expect.

You'll need

  • - 4 Cup hashed pot, cold
  • - 1 lb ground beef or chorizo, cooked
  • - 1 bunch green onion
  • - 1 Cup cheese, grated
  • - 4 Cup bread crumbs
  • - 1 Cup egg wash
  • - 1 Cup flour

Let’s get cooking!


What a great way to use of those day old hashed potatoes from the night before. To start use a scoop about the size of a golf ball and scoop out your potatoes on to a floured service. Once you have scooped them all out simply roll them out to about 1/2 inch flat. The idea here is to stuff the goods inside of the potato blanket. Too much and the entire thing will burst in the fryer or oven.


To fill make a small dent in the middle of your rolled out potato and fill with filling. wrap potato around it and pinch off at the bottom. Chill.


Now you can bake at 420 or fry at 400 or you can take them an extra step and bread them in Panko crumbs for an extra crunch. To enjoy them that way simply set up a 3 pan standard breading station. One pan of seasoned flour, one pan of egg wash and one pan of seasoned Panko crumbs. Here is the trick, use your left hand to place them in the egg wash and use a slotted spoon to remove them and your right hand to roll them in the Panko. The cleanliness will make you want to crumb.